Development and Consultancy Services

FarSite Communications provide development services and technical consultancy to clients. Click here to contact us with details of your particular requirement,  a free response is provided with no obligation on your part.

For technical skills see Technical Expertise.

Hardware and Software Custom Development

Staff from our development teams in the UK and Asia can undertake your complete software, hardware project or develop sub-systems to interface with those developed by your in-house staff. The custom developments are often for systems and communications projects, some examples of which are: Android app to provide secure access using bluetooth, low cost communications cards, data communications gateways for mobile phones.

Version controlled source code and documentation are normally supplied to the client. See Technical Expertise for a list of some of the company's technical skills.
We are experienced in development projects where the teams are distributed internationally and the management skills that are required to ensure success.

Product Customisation for OEMs

FarSite can undertake customisation of our communications and IoT products to suit particular customers requirements, some examples include: adaption to different IoT requirements, alternative APIs, alternative protocol stacks, new network interfaces and new bus interfaces.


We can provide experienced consultants with specialist technical knowledge to help with your business challenges. As examples we can develop Android apps, cloud based IoT systems, we have communications product design expertise, advise on network design and independent project auditing. The team are experienced at reporting to all levels of management.

Technical Expertise

This section details just some of the areas in which we have technical expertise

Application Types

  • IoT applications
  • Android app development
  • Linux server applications including for cloud based servers
  • Bridging
  • Custom communications cards
  • Drivers for Linux and Windows
  • LAN-WAN Gateways
  • Man-Machine interface design
  • Protocol Handlers and Converters
  • SNMP Agent, Proxy Agent and Extension Agent and MIB design
  • Secure network and smartphone app design (Internet, Intranet)
  • USB devices

Hardware & Software Platforms

  • DSPs (various)
  • Intel X86 series inc embedded types
  • Linux (various)
  • Windows
  • Motorola 68000 Series
  • Android
  • PowerPC
  • RTOS
  • ARM based devices
  • FPGAs

Standard Protocols

  • Bluetooth
  • NB-IoT
  • Cat LTE M1
  • GPRS
  • 3G
  • ISO Transport
  • MPoA
  • PPP (including Multilink, BACP, CCP and CHAP)
  • PPPoA
  • SNMP
  • TCP/IP
  • X.25 & X.75, Triple-X PAD
  • USB

Interface Standards

  • ASN.1
  • Bluetooth
  • CAPI
  • CSN.1
  • NDIS, WAN, NET & COMM for Windows
  • Can Bus
  • PCI
  • PCIe
  • Sockets
  • TLI
  • USB
  • MQTT
  • PMC

Click here to contact us with details of your particular requirement, we provide a free response with no obligation on your part.