FarSite supplies RoHS compliant products

18th September 2006

FarSite has switched over production to RoHS (lead free) compliance for many of its current products. The following products are planned to be manufactured to RoHS standards:

  • FarSync X25 T1U, FarSync X25 T2U, FarSync X25 T4U,
  • FarSync OEM T1U, FarSync OEM T2U, FarSync OEM T4U, FarSync OEM T4E, FarSync OEM TE1,
  • FarSync DSL-S1, FarSync WAN T1U, FarSync WAN T2U, FarSync WAN T4U, FarSync WAN TE1,
  • FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway-1, FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway-2, FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway-4,
  • FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway-10, FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway-20, FarLinX TCP-X25 POS Gateway-MAX,
  • FarLinX TCP-X25 SMS Router. FarLinX 4 port Expansion card.

Stocks of many of the above products are available in RoHS form, contact us if you need RoHS compliant product for your requirement. The part numbers for RoHS compliant version will be the same where the product functionality is identical, the switch over will be seamless for most customers.

The following products are not expected to be made to RoHS standards. This is due to the unavailability of certain components used to manufacture the cards in RoHS compliant from.

  • FarSync X25 T2P, FarSync X25 T4P, FarSync X25 M1P, FarSync X25 T1P, X.PORT PC2,
  • FarSync WAN T2P, FarSync WAN T4P, FarSync WAN M1P,
  • FarSync OEM T2P, FarSync OEM T4P, FarSync OEM M1P.