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New feature

Version 4.1.0, a new release of software for the FarSync BERT Tester product range

FarSync BERT front panel in RTD mode
FarSync BERT Tester front panel

Updated versions of software for the FarSync BERT range of products are now available for the FarSync BERT Tester-USB, FarSync BERT HS Tester-USB and FarSync BERT Tester-PCIe products. The new features include:

  • Major improvements to the handling of customer specified test patterns including: user patterns up to 64Mb, no byte alignment requirement for test patterns, improved performance in the handling of larger patterns
  • More sample applications for using the BERT API, they now include apps written in: Python, C# and VBS as well as LabVIEW
  • Improved handling of multiple instances of FarSync BERT (for multiple lines in test) when using the BERT GUI or BERT API
  • Support added for the control of DTR and RTS signals on test commencement and the toggling of these lines during a test. Control is also available through the BERT API
  • Improved accuracy of PRBS error count rates
  • Correction to the test length used when the LENGTH value is configured in the range 10^4..10^8
  • Increased resolution in BertClient's command line output – now in E notation
  • Support for time-limited tests of more than 504 seconds
  • Support added for the handling of custom clocking rates
  • Plus other bug fixes

Recent purchasers of the FarSync BERT and those with a maintenance contract will be able to request a free upgrade. Older purchasers can upgrade for an upgrade fee. For further information contact us.

The new version request form can be found here.

Latest on Covid-19 and FarSite - 12th January 2021

FarSite office's in the UK is open. We are able to accept orders and deliver product to our customers and support them across the world.

Many of our office based staff in the UK are working from home.

We will post updates on this news feed if anything changes from this.

Contact us for further information.

B-NetCons GmbH our new reseller for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

B-NetCons logo

We welcome B-NetCons who have recently taken over the sales territory for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as Reseller for the FarSync and FarLinX range of FarSite Communications products. We must say a big thank you to our retiring reseller Herr Gunter Schneider at Network Technologies GmbH for his excellent work over the last 20 years.

Continuity of sales, support and maintenance will be provided by FarSite and Herr Peter Bachl at B-NetCons. All current and new customers will benefit from the continued presence of Herr Schneider in a support capacity with B-NetCons over the coming months for added confidence during the transition. There is already an excellent start with orders from prestigious companies in the aerospace and national rail sector that should be completed by the end of the year.

We look forward to a long and successful trading relationship with B-NetCons, their contact details can be found here.

Peter S. Bachl, Managing Director of B-NetCons GmbH 'We are very pleased to add FarSite Communications Ltd, an internationally renowned data communications manufacturer, to our portfolio as a new brand. With FarSite and its product lines, we offer our customers the market leader for data communication and thus optimally expand our position to high-quality security and data communication solutions. We remain thereby faithful to our line to offer exclusively Best-of-Breed solutions'

Steve Scott, Director of FarSite 'I'm delighted that the well-established company B-NetCons will be the new reseller for our products, they value product quality and excellence of support as much as we do. I'm sure they will meet existing customers expectations, particularly as key Network Technologies personnel are providing long term support to ensure a smooth transition and transfer of expertise.'

Contact us for further information.

New feature

New versions of the FarSync Flex and FarSync Flex X25

New versions of the highly popular FarSync Flex and FarSync Flex X25 products are now shipping, they are supplied with the V3 version of the Flex hardware. The product has been upgraded to support an industrial temperature operating range (–40°C to 85 °C ambient air temperature.) which make the product more suitable for many of it's target applications which require an wide operating temperature range.

The maximum line operating speeds has also increased to well over 3 Mbits/s.

The new hardware is being supplied as an inline replacement to the V2 Flex, the product codes remain the same. There is a new driver required for the V3 version of the product which also supports earlier Flex's as well, other than that it is 100% compatible.

For customers wanting to purchase without a case the mounting points have not changed.

The V3 can be identified by the V3 text on the product label on the side of the product as shown in the photo.

FarSync Flex

See full details on the FarSync Flex and FarSync Flex X25. For further information contact us.

New feature

Host of new features added to FarSync BERT Tester-USB & FarSync BERT HS Tester-USB

FarSync BERT front panel in RTD mode
FarSync BERT front panel setting line delay test time

The FarSync BERT Tester is now shipping with many new features that further expands the capabilities and flexibility of this very popular line and cable test product. The new features include:

  • Round trip delay testing - test the latency of your network, particularly useful for Wireless and Satellite network performance.
  • Support for custom test patterns, the test patterns can be captured from a line or loaded from a file
  • Testing of Multi-Drop cables and networks with up to 247 connectors
  • Testing of RS485 2-Wire and 4-Wire configurations
  • Support for bidirectional clocking and enhanced clocking modes
  • Time based tests as well as Frame count based tests

Round Trip Delay display
Example Round Trip Display results

User purchasing the product will automatically get the new release with all the new features.

If you wish to upgrade your existing FarSync BERT products please contact us for further information.


New product

FarLinX Connect Mini - A HDLC to TCP Converter and HDLC over TCP Bridge

The FarLinX Connect Mini is a compact multi mode HDLC bridging appliance. It allows HDLC lines to be bridged securely across the Internet or other /IP networks and also enables HDLC connection data to be adapted to operate over a TCP connection.

All this is easy to securely manage from your browser. There are also daily activity logs with a selectable level of detail, automatically archived on a daily basis. The SNMP support provides alerts for numerous different conditions including critical events such as line down and line up. A line monitor supplied permits analysis of the HDLC line.

FarLinX ConnectKey Features

  • TCP to HDLC conversion with the route created statically or dynamically, handles a variety of modes including: character streaming and frame length defined
    HDLC ? Internet ? HDLC bridging including static or dynamic routing
  • LAN accessible HDLC line as a sharable remotely manageable resource
  • Choice of HDLC network interface connections: RS232 (V.24), V.35, RS422, RS530, RS449, X.21, RS485
  • HDLC line speeds up to 1Mbps and over 1,200 frames per second each way
  • Line Monitor to view HDLC traffic for easy network problem diagnosis
  • Optional support for authentication and data security using IPSEC over TCP
  • IP and IPv6 support
  • Browser graphical configuration, SNMP alerts for critical events and activity logging
  • Real time display of current connections, line performance, errors, connections and much more
  • Small rugged low profile all metal case, low power consumption

Typical Applications

  • Transparently bridge HDLC type lines over the Internet, reducing line rental costs
  • Allow TCP/IP access to a HDLC line where the HDLC line data is provided over the TCP connection
  • LAN accessible and sharable HDLC port resource

For further details see FarLinX Connect Mini, available now, contact us for further information.

FarSite receives Queen's Award for Enterprise

queens award for enterprise

Dermot Smith and Steve Scott, company directors.

FarSite Communications Ltd has just been awarded the coveted Queen's Award for Enterprise - International Trade category, one of the highest and most prestigious accolades a UK business can receive.

The technology-based company was established in 1998 to provide data and voice communications products and services for the business sector and now boasts exports amounting to 85% of its sales with products supplied to over 100 countries worldwide. The company has an impressive international client list from the banking, government, aerospace, military, 3G and retail communications sectors.

Steve Scott commercial director and one of the founding directors of the business comments: "This is a fantastic achievement and represents over 10 years' hard work and commitment from our employees and corporate partners worldwide. In an age where the USA dominates the data communications sector, we've proven that UK companies can compete at the very highest level. Both myself and co-director Dermot Smith are thrilled!"

The Queen's Award for Enterprise is rarely given to companies in the technology and communications sector, which makes the achievement all the more special. The Award will be shared with employees, existing clients and partners and also used to help further build the company's position in the UK and in key overseas markets as a proven specialist in the field of data and voice communications.