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New Product

FarSync XOT Runtime for Windows - 24 August 2010

Allows an application written to use an X.25 line to use XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP) instead. No special hardware is required.

The FarSync XOT Runtime has been developed to provide high performance and very reliable XOT connectivity for system running Windows. Both X.25 SVCs and PVCs are supported with a maximum of 4096 simultaneous connections.

A comprehensive Developers Toolkit is included with the product.

The API is based on Sockets (compliant with Winsock2) and is compatible with the Microsoft defined X.25 Sockets API. Applications written to use the Microsoft X.25 Sockets API will work with the FarSync XOT product. It supports standard AF_ISO / ISOPROTO_X25 sockets used by a number of applications, such as MS-Exchange. It also supports the AF_X25 address family used by the applications written to use FarSync X.25 products.

Applications developed in most programming languages, including Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ and .NET applications, can use the Sockets API to FarSync XOT, and there is a Java Extension API supplied to provide access from Java applications.

FarSync XOT Runtime is supported on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008. Multi-processor, 32 and 64 bit systems are supported.

The FarSync XOT Runtime for Windows interoperates with the FarLinX X25 Gateway, FarSync XOT Runtime for Linux and other devices complying with the XOT standard.

FarSync XOT Runtime for Windows full specification


This product is available now, contact us for further information.

FarLinX X25 Gateway - now shipping in 1U case

FarLinX X25 Gateway

The FarLinX X25 Gateway mode range are now being supplied in a 1U high rack mountable enclosure. This new case supports the same number of WAN ports as the previous larger case but in a smaller volume, lower weight and lower running temperature for greater reliability than the previous model. A temperature activated fan is fitted as standard and a USB port on the back of the unit is now accessible.

The Gateway can now also be supplied in a -48 VDC version.

Full details on the FarLinX X25 Gateway.

The Gateway is being shipped with the 1U case from now.

Note: a limited number of the older FarLinX cases are available to existing customers who want to keep the same design for additional gateway's. This must be explicitly stated on the order.

New feature

FarLinX X25 Gateway - support added for E1 X.25 connections and Triple-X PAD access by Telnet and async ports - 14 Dec 09

FarLinX X.25 Gateway

FarSite announces a major expansion to the FarLinX X25 Gateways capabilities with the release of E1 and Async cards together with 2.3.5 firmware. The additional features are:

  • New Gateway model "FarLinX X25 Gateway-E1", supporting E1 carrier links in G.703 and G.704 configurations
  • A E1 upgrade option allowing X.25 over E1 support to be mixed with X.21, V.35, RS232C and RS530 (RS422) interfaces
  • Async option supporting Triple-X PAD in 4, 8 and 16 port versions
  • The Triple-X PAD support also accessible using Telnet
  • The async port supplied with all gateways can be used as a Triple-X PAD port
  • The Gateway can now handle over 2,000 simultaneous connections

DCE cables are now available as well as DTE

The new features make the gateway even more adaptable at seamlessly handling X.25 to TCP/IP transition, for full details see the FarLinX X.25 Gateway page.

Downloadable firmware version 2.3.5 is available to upgrade existing Gateway's from 2.2.8 onwards, for upgrading earlier versions of firmware contact us.



New Product Line testing with a BERT Tester that runs on your Laptop - 11 Dec 09

FarSite is pleased to announce a new product for line testing, a BER Tester that will run on your Laptop or Notebook PC. The BERT Tester product comes complete with a rugged adapter that connects to your Laptop's USB port and a set of cables for testing RS232, X.21, RS530 and V.35 network synchronous and asynchronous network connections.

The product is compact and ideal for test engineers who carry a laptop for their work.

FarSync BERT Tester
Example BERT Tester display on the Laptop

Main Features

  • Complete set of BERT (Bit Error Rate Test) line test patterns
  • BERT testing from your laptop, notebook or PC using a USB adapter
  • Supported on Windows 7, Vista and XP
  • Order the complete product or purchase individual components as required
  • Line speed range from 15 baud to 2 Mbits/s
  • Tests synchronous and asynchronous lines
  • Connects to RS232C, V.35, RS530 (RS422), X.21 and RS449 network interfaces
  • User controlled error injection facility


See the full FarSync BERT Tester details.

Meet FarSite at the Military & Aerospace Electronics Conference and Exhibition held on the 10th November 2009 at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Reading, UK - 22 Oct 09

FarSite will be exhibiting its products on Stand 33 at the Military & Aerospace Electronics Conference and Exhibition which is being held at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Reading, UK on the 10th November 2009,

On the stand you will be able to view FarSite's COTS products which we frequently supply for Military applications and also discuss with some of our Engineers and Sales force your requirements and the relative suitability of the products we supply.

Many of our long life time COTS communications products are supplied for Military applications all over the world including the US Military, UK Military and NATO, these are often supplied unchanged or in some instances customised for specific requirements. We supply a full, very economic customisation service if that is required.

For further details contact us.

New feature

FarSync X.25 products - new software releases for Windows and Linux - 27 Jul 09

FarSite has released new versions of the X.25 support for its FarSync card series running on Windows and Linux. The new software is shipping with the X.25 products now. The new releases are also available for download to allow existing customers to upgrade.


This major new release supports 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems (Vista and Server 2008) and permits complete flexibility on the use of each of the ports of the FarSync adapters.

The IP over X.25 multi destination support allows IP to operate over an X.25 network without the need for all traffic to be funneled to a central IP router thus reducing the IP frame load across the X.25 network.

New Features Summary

  • Support added for Windows Vista 64 bit O/S and Windows Server 2008 32 and 64 bit O/S versions
  • E1 (G.703 and G.704) support provided by the new FarSync X25 TE1 product
  • IP over X.25 (RFC 1356) multi destination now supported, previously just a single IP address destination was handled
  • Utilises the Port Manager software to centralise control of all the FarSync adapters installed. This allows for example X.25 to be configured for one port and TCP/IP/PPP on another and transparent bitstream operation on another
  • Multiple FarSync Flex X25 USB adapters can be installed and Flex X25 USB hot plug in allowed
  • FarSync Flex X25 USB adapter and FarSync T-Series PCI cards can be inter-mixed
  • RS530 configurable network interface option on the FarSync X25 T1U, T2U, T4U, T2Ue and T4Ue adapters (was already supported on the Flex)
  • Wireshark can trace X.25 line activity in real time
  • The FSMON line monitor can record line traces in pcap (Wireshark compatible) format


New Features Summary

  • Support added for kernel versions 2.6.27 and 2.6.28
  • Particularly for developers on embedded systems a new version of the libxmldb.so file has been provided that greatly reduces the total size of a minimal X.25 installation where GUI configuration is not required. This is particularly useful where the software needs to be fitted in systems with minimal disk and memory size.

For further details see the FarSync X.25 product pages.

FarLinX X25 Gateway - A Line Monitor and TCP/IP authentication and encryption added - 4 May 09

FarSite has further improved the FarLinX X25 Gateway in firmware release version 2.2 by adding two new features, a line monitor and TCP/IP authentication and encryption using IPSEC.

Line Monitor

The Line Monitor, assessable from a browser allows the X.25 and XOT traffic to be recorded and displayed. This very useful feature allows Network Managers and System Installers to locally or remotely analyse and rapidly diagnose problems that may occur on the XOT or X.25 links without the need for expensive external line monitors.

The line traces can be saved and viewed later, for example in a customer support situation.

Encryption using IPSEC

The FarLinX X25 Gateway now supports the option of selecting IPSEC to provide communications security in IP networks. It can be especially important when public Internet connections are used for part of the communications path.

IPSEC operates between a pair of devices. Each must know details of the remote device in order to authenticate communications and successfully encrypt/decrypt data being sent and received. In the FarLinX X25 Gateway, the details of multiple partner Gateways can be configured. The pre-shared key used to authenticate is unique for each remote partner. Once authentication has completed an exchange of encryption keys takes place under the pre-shared key. The session key is used only for a single session.

For further information see FarLinX X25 Gateway product datasheet.


RS485 support added to the FarSync Flex - 5 Jan 2009

FarSync Flex

The FarSync Flex software and drivers on Windows and Linux can now support 2 wire RS485 operation. All existing FarSync Flex devices can be upgraded to support RS485.

RS485 Specification addition

Line type: 2 wire (half duplex) RS485; multi drop and single ended

Line speed: up to 512 Kbits/s

Signal modes: NRZI, FM1 or FM0

For further information see FarSync Flex spec

New product

PCI Express 2 port synchronous card the FarSync T2Ue - 10 Nov 08

FarSite have launched a 2 port synchronous PCI Express card for PCs and Servers.

The 2 port card adds to FarSite's PCI Express adapter range.FarSync T2Ue

The FarSync T2Ue (product code: FS4250) is supplied with support to interoperate with the Windows and Linux TCP/IP stack and also an API. A Developers Toolkit, the FarSync SDK (product code: FS9610) can be used to develop the application to use the API. The product is application level compatible with the FarSync T2U, applications developed for use with the T2U will work with the T2Ue. The full range of cables available for the T2U can also be used with the T2Ue.

See the full details on the FarSync T2Ue page

Contact us for further details.

Version 6.0 of the FarSync adapter test software available - 7 Nov 08

An updated set of test software for the FarSync range of adapters is now available for download.

New Features of Adapter Test Software version 6.0

  • Runs on 32 Bit DOS making it compatible with a much wider range of PCs.
  • Bootable ISO image for a CDROM available. Now you can use the ISO Image to create your own Bootable test CD making it a snip to quickly test the cards.
  • The 6.0 software tests a wider range of features supported by some of the FarSync adapter hardware.

Download from here

New product

FarSync WAN and FarSync OEM product ranges merged - 11 Sep 08

FarSite have merged the FarSync WAN and FarSync OEM PCI and PCMCIA products into a single product range supporting the features from both product ranges.

The FarSync WAN products which allowed the FarSync Synchronous card products to operate with TCP/IP have been merged with the FarSync OEM products to create a single product range with an API into the card for developers as well supporting operation under TCP/IP. The adapters can be configured to operate with TCP/IP or use the API. By providing both types of functionality in one product this simplifies for our customers the decision on which product to purchase.

The FarSync T4E now includes support for TCP/IP, this was not available before.

The Developers Toolkit has been split out into a separate purchasable FarSync SDK with support for all the FarSync adapters in the one SDK. One SDK is required for each engineer developing software for the FarSync adapter range. As part of the FarSync SDK package FarSite is providing great technical support to customers using the APIs from it's UK and Chinese offices.

See the Old to New product translation list below:

Old product name Old product code New product name New product code
FarSync WAN T1U FS8141 FarSync T1U FS4140
FarSync WAN T2U FS8241 FarSync T2U FS4240
FarSync WAN T4U FS8441 FarSync T4U FS4440
FarSync WAN TE1 FS8150 FarSync TE1 FS4150
FarSync WAN M1P v2 FS8133 FarSync M1P v2 FS4133
FarSync OEM T1U FS5140 FarSync T1U FS4140
FarSync OEM T2U FS5240 FarSync T2U FS4240
FarSync OEM T4U FS5440 FarSync T4U FS4440
FarSync OEM T4U+Async FS5441 FarSync T4U+Async FS4441
FarSync OEM T4E FS5444 FarSync T4E FS4444
FarSync OEM TE1 FS5150 FarSync TE1 FS4150
FarSync OEM M1P v2 FS5133 FarSync M1P v2 FS4133
FarSync Flex SDK FS9507 FarSync SDK FS9610

This brings the above products inline with the FarSync Flex and FarSync T4Ue products which were already combined in this way. The new products are being shipped from the 12th September.