Trouble Shooting Guide – FarSync Drivers – Linux

Problems using farutil

Problem Symptom Possible Cause(s) Action
Segmentation error when using the farutil command The C runtime libraries on your system may not be up to date. Please ensure that you have the latest libraries installed.

farutil command on hdlc0/sync0 reports the following error

farutil: Problem getting port information. No such device

farsync or hdlc/syncppp modules did not load

After Kernel version 2.6.18 the hdlc module was further divided into a sub module per protocol.  It may be that you need to load the appropriate sub module.

use the following command to check module dependencies:

depmod -a

If unresolved symbols are reported for farsync.ko and syncppp.ko in the /usr/src/linux/drivers/misc directory then delete these files. (They belong in the net directory, and the ones in misc are just left lying around, but are being picked up first).

Try depmod -a again. and if there are no unresolved symbols for farsync.ko and hdlc.ko/syncppp.ko then see if the farsync module will now load. Use the following command:

modprobe farsync

if no errors are reported use the following command to see if the module has been loaded:


You should see the farsync and hdlc/syncppp modules listed.

To load hdlc submodules use modprobe or insmod on one of the following modules as appropriate:

  • hdlc_ppp.ko
  • hdlc_cisco.ko
  • hdlc_fr.ko


No aliases or wrong aliases in /etc/modules.conf

Make sure the following lines are in the /etc/modprobe.conf file (2.6 Kernels) or /etc/modules.conf file (2.4. Kernels)

alias hdlc0/sync0 farsync

alias hdlc0/sync1 farsync

Additional possible farutil problems when using the Generic HDLC interface (2.4 kernel versions of 2.4.13 and above only)