Trouble Shooting Guide – FarSync Drivers – Linux

These possible additional interface-enabling problems apply when using the Generic HDLC interface with kernel versions 2.4.13 and later only.


Frame Relay

Normally your ISP provider will supply you with the operating parameters you require. However, if you are experimenting and connecting two PC's together you should bear the following in mind.

  • One end of the link should supply the line clock. At one end set CLOCK=ext in the ifcfg-hdlcX file.
  • One end needs to be LMI DTE and the other LMI DCE. At one end set DCE=y in the ifcfg-hdlcX file.
  • Use a dlci number of 16 and above. You are not prevented using any dlci, but remember that some are reserved.
  • If your ISP only supports Cisco's LMI protocol, then turn off LMI altogether by setting LMI=none in the ifcfg-hdlcX file.