Trouble Shooting Guide – FarSync Drivers – Linux

Connectivity Problems

Problem Symptom Possible Cause(s) Action
Kernel Oops when the command ifup/farifup hdlc0 is used There were several releases of the 2.6 Kernel which had this bug, i.e. versions 2.6.23 to 2.6.25 inclusive. Update to a later Kernel.
No response from ping Cable not plugged in Make sure this cable is inserted to correct port A or B on the 2 port card and A, B, C or D on the four port card
Remote address not correctly specified Check that you are pinging the address as specified in the POINTOPOINT configuration parameter
Clock not present

Check that the correct (port wise) green LED is flashing while attempting to ping.

Does the farutil command report that a clock is detected?

If you have configured the clock source as external, then you are not receiving clock from your Service Provider, or you have a cable problem.

Firewall issues

Check the firewall settings on the local and remote ends of the connection. The firewall settings may be preventing the ping from working. Use a network monitoring tool, such as tcpdump, to see if there is any tx or rx activity.

We also supply a simple monitor utility called farmon that will dump in hex any frames passing through the driver. Change to the common/ directory and type "make farmon" to build it.