FarSync XOT Runtime for Linux v3.5.3

This is the latest release for the FarSync XOT Runtime software for Linux

Software upgrade guide

This release installs for all "Red Hat" like platforms (e.g. RHEL, Fedora Core etc), SuSe, Ubuntu and Debian based distributions. It has been tested with Kernel version up to 2.6.38, 3.19.x and 4.1.0. If you have difficulty installing on other platforms please contact FarSite Support for assistance.

After receiving your download instructions, you will be able to download the file fsx25-3.5.3_xot_only.tar.gz. To install, extract the archive and change into the newly-created fsx25-3.5.3 directory.

If you are installing this product for the first time, use the following command:


to start the installation script. If you have v3.1.0 or later of the FarSync XOT Runtime already installed, you will be able to perform an in-place upgrade using the following command:


Unfortunately, versions older than v3.1.0 will need to be uninstalled completely and replaced with a fresh installation of v3.5.3.

Download Request Form

To be able to download this latest software release, please fill in this download request form. Once your request has been approved, you will be contacted by email with details on how to obtain the software.

Note: all fields are required.

What's new

This is a minor release to provide several new features and fix several small bugs. The changes since v3.4.2 are as follows:

  • The XOT Daemon has been enhanced in several areas:
    • Support has been added for Kernel Version 4.1.x
    • The fsxot daemon has been corrected to not spin while waiting for a connection to establish, or a transmit to complete.

  • As recent Linux distributions have adopted the Consistent Network Device Naming standard (or a variation of it), the licensing utilities have been updated to allow for Ethernet devices that are not called "eth0".

  • The X.25 API driver has been corrected in several areas:
    • Listens can now be interrupted successfully.
    • The fsx25 driver memory allocation functions have been updated to wait for memory to become available. When memory is fragmented this can avoid calls failing to connect.
    • A new example application has been added that demonstrates M-Bit control.
    • A new example application has been added that demonstrates mulit-threaded operation.

  • There have also been a number of documentation enhancements, in the area of manual configuration and new API additions.