FarSync BERT Tester software

Current software release for the FarSync BERT Tester product: Version 4.1.0

Changes from previous released version

Version 4.1.0

  • Major improvements to the handling of customer specified test patterns including: user patterns up to 64Mb, no byte alignment requirement for test patterns, improved performance in the handling of larger patterns
  • More sample applications for using the BERT API, they now include apps written in: Python, C# and VBS as well as LabVIEW
  • Improved handling of multiple instances of FarSync BERT (for multiple lines in test) when using the BERT GUI or BERT API
  • Support added for the control of DTR and RTS signals on test commencement and the toggling of these lines during a test. Control is also available through the BERT API
  • Improved accuracy of PRBS error count rates and fast error rate reporting
  • Correction to the test length used when the LENGTH value is configured in the range 10^4..10^8
  • Increased resolution in BertClient's command line output - now in E notation
  • Support for time-limited tests of more than 504 seconds
  • Support added for the handling of custom clocking rates
  • Fixed focus switching between windows in Windows 10
  • Enabled multiple properties to be set via the BERT_API after the test has been started
  • Improved synchronisation support at speeds lower than 4800 baud when hardware mode is selected
  • Increased validation of user inputs when using the GUI
  • Resolved Plug and Play issue when FarSync BERT is running as a multidrop slave device
  • Fixed an issue with RS485 multidrop specific synchronisation support
  • Now allows user pattern filenames with spaces in the name and/or path
  • Enable ERR injection support in FarSync BERT HS Tester-USB in LOS state - previously synchronisation was required
  • Ensure LOS Rate is reset to 0 when synchronisation is made


  • Updates to the driver to provide compatibility with the FarSync Flex V3
  • fsbert install package has been signed
  • BertClient in the LabVIEW folder updated
  • fsbertif.dll has been enhanced to detect more reliably the end of a test
  • firmware update to correct an issue of false reporting the LOS signal under some test conditions
  • added firmware support for native clock rates 200Khz and 10.71Mhz


  • Support for the use of User Test Patterns
  • Support for testing devices/cabling on Multi-Drop networks
  • Support for testing Round Trip Delays
  • Support for bi-directional clocking

Version 3.0.0

  • Support for hardware-based BERT operation.
  • Support for line rates up to 16Mbps.
  • Support for both 32 and 64-bit LabVIEW.
  • Add global reset to defaults menu option.
  • Rationalisation of UI with respect to colours and error/information dialogs.
  • A range of performance enhancements.

Version 2.0.4

  • Terminal Timing support for V.35.
  • NRZI Clocking is supported when using a Flex V2 device.
  • 4-wire, point-to-point RS485 operation corrected.
  • Corrected persistently starting/stopping a test causing the port to be unavailable for a short periods.

Version 2.0.3

  • PCIe version now in addition to the USB version.
  • Manchester and Conditioned Di-phase encoding is now supported.
  • Terminal Timing is now supported.
  • 4-wire, point-to-point RS485 is now supported.
  • Data Inversion supported.
  • Support for all patterns in all Async data formats (e.g. character lengths).
  • Native configuration support for all port properties directly from the BERT GUI.
  • Audible alerts have been introduced.
  • Line errors (FRAMING, PARITY) are now reported.
  • The LabView API has been extended to include all options now available in both GUI and script mode.

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