Download software and upgrades for FarSite Communications Products

FarSync Software

Drivers and Utilities for the products: FarSync Flex, T2U-PMC, T1U, T2U, T2Ue, T2Ee, T4U, T4Ue, T4E+, T4Ee, TE1, TE1R, TE1e, M1P and the older FarSync WAN and FarSync OEM products

FarSync Flex Firmware

Firmware to update the software running on the FarSync Flex and FarSync Flex X25.

FarSync X.25 Software

Drivers, X.25 protocol stacks, development toolkits and utility applications for the FarSync X25 cards.

FarSync XOT Software

XOT Drivers and Development Toolkits for Windows and Linux.

FarLinX X25 Gateway Software

Firmware and document updates for the FarLinX X25 Gateway, FarLinX XOT Gateway and FarLinX Mini Gateway products.

FarSync BERT Software

FarSync Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT), communications line testing tool.

FarSync card test software

Software to test FarSync cards and cables.