About FarSite

The Company

FarSite Communications Ltd., designs, develops and manufactures high quality, high performance WAN Communications Gateway Appliances and also Adapters for PCs and Servers used in a business environment. The products are supplied throughout the world by our distributors, resellers and local representatives. The company boasts a highly prestigious international client list.


The company, registered in the UK in 1998 is based in Basingstoke, UK and Guangzhou, China.

To complement the standard products we also undertake product customisation, consultancy, and custom development of software

Our company policy is to continuously invest in the development of new products and the enhancement of existing product lines, ensuring that, as new communications technologies emerge, we have the products that customers require.

We have such confidence in the quality of the products that we offer our customers free telephone and email access to the excellent and responsive Technical Support department.  

Even though we offer top quality products and support, our pricing is highly competitive, aiming to offer better solutions at lower costs than our competitors.

Our Products

The company's products are focused on providing high-quality, highly reliable solutions for specialist Wide Area Networking requirements. We manufacture a very wide range of Synchronous cards, X.25 cards, Gateways and IoT products.

FarSync products:

We supply the world's largest range of high quality intelligent WAN PCI, PCI Express, USB and PCMCIA adapters with TCP/IP access and a SDK (Software Development Kit) to allow easy integration by OEMs and the assurance of continuity of supply and support that OEMs require. Drivers are provided for Windows and Linux.

FarSync X.25 products:

We supply the world's largest range of intelligent X.25 PCI, PCI Express, USB and PCMCIA adapters and also XOT access products. They are all supplied an X.25/XOT Developers Toolkit. Drivers are provided for Windows and Linux.

FarLinX products:

We have an excellent, modern range of Appliances for X.25 and XOT network access and Gateways between TCP/IP and X.25 networks.

netBin IoT products:

We also have developed a comprehensive waste container fill rate monitoring product, complete with route scheduling, collection apps and much more.

The range of products is constantly being expanded thanks to our policy of continuous investment of our profits back into R&D. Our customers can expect further new releases of IoT products, communications cards, protocol support and appliances every year.

Consultancy and Development Services

We undertake software and hardware design as well as consultancy for clients. Specialising in systems and communications development, developments for our customers include adaptations and variations to standard products for specialist requirements, development of communications protocols, drivers and design of new hardware.

Quality Commitment

Our commitment to quality extends throughout the whole company. We are dedicated to providing products and services to the IS0 9000 standard that our customers expect.

See FarSite's statement on REACH.


Many of the current UK FarSite Communications development and management staff were part of the original team at The Software Forge Ltd during the 1980s and 90s, a highly successful company that specialised in data communications products and X.25 products in particular. The staff later transferred to Racal when it purchased the company. FarSite Communications was formed in 1998 when Racal Group was divesting itself of a number of divisions, including PC communications. Racal later became part of Thales.