X.25 Stock Exchange Datafeeds

FarSync X.25 cards are used to interface to all the worlds major Stock Exchange X25 datafeeds. Depending on the feed both 2 and 4 port variants of the FarSync products are used. The majority of the feeds operate at line speeds of between 64 Kbit and 256 Kbit using either X.21 or V.35 interfaces.

The list below was kindly supplied by one of our customers, FarSync X.25 cards have been used to to link to all the exchanges in the list.

X.25 Stock Market Feeds
Datafeed Name Acronym / Common Name Stock Exchange Location
Ticker Plant Frankfurt TPF Deutsche Borse AG Frankfurt, Germany
EUREX FDD Real Time Datafeed EUREX FDD Deutsche Borse AG Frankfurt, Germany
DDM Service DDM Italian Stock Exchange Milan, Italy
Swiss Market Feed SMF Swiss ExchangeSWX Zurich, Switzerland
Pan-European Exchange Market Feed PEX-MF Swiss ExchangeSWX Zurich, Switzerland
Mercury 2000   Amsterdam ExchangesAEX Amsterdam, Netherlands
Market Datafeed MDF Stock Exchange of Hong KongSEHK Hong Kong
London Market Information Link LMIL London Stock ExchangeLSE London, UK
Signal C   Australian Stock ExchangeASX Sydney, Australia
India Stock Exchange NSE India Stock Exchange Mumbai, India
South Korea Exchange KRX South Korean Stock Exchange Seoul, South Korea