FarSite announce a new FarLinX X.25 Gateway

1st May 2008

FarSite have launched a new range of X.25 Gateway's supporting more functions, more features, easier manageability and all at a lower cost. The Gateway provides a one stop shop for companies wishing to migrate from X.25 to TCP/IP.

FarLinX X25 Gateway

The FarLinX X25 Gateway range consists of 4 gateways supporting from 1 to 8 X.25 lines. All the Gateway's support XOT (X.25 over TCP/IP), TCP/IP to X.25 data conversion and routing and an option to add support for POS protocols.

The Gateway is browser managed with, call and event logging, comprehensive operational statistics, SNMP alerts and resilient dual gateway operation.

The XOT support is new feature and allows users to operate X.25 SVCs and PVCs over TCP/IP. The XOT performance is particularly fast compared with other XOT offerings, allowing large number of connections to be established and cleared quickly. Using the FarLinX X.25 Gateway complete X.25 networks can be replaced by the FarLinX with WAN links running TCP/IP. The Gateway can operate as an 8 line X.25 switch plus XOT.

The Gateway provides connection establishment and data packetization services for general protocols to allow applications sending data over TCP/IP to interface to X.25 connected hosts and also routing facilities to select the appropriate Host from those available and maintains X.25 sessions to the Host as required.

See the full FarLinX X25 Gateway datasheet (pdf)

The product is available now, contact us for further information.


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Press information from: Steve Scott, FarSite Communications.

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