FarSite launch a new range of general purpose resilient TCP to X.25 Gateway appliances

7th March 2006

The new FarLinX TCP-X25 General Purpose (GP) Gateways provides a reliable means of inter-connecting equipment between TCP/IP and X.25 networks in a compact, rack mountable 1U appliance.

FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway - X.25 to TCP conversion

There are 3 models in the range providing scaleable solutions, the entry level FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway-1 features 1 X.25 port and up to 254 connections. The mid range FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway-2 supporting 2 X.25 ports and up to 2048 connections and the top of the range FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway-4 handling 4 X.25 ports and up to 4000 simultaneous virtual connections and 1,000 data packets per second. All the models are remotely configurable.

The Gateway can operate as a general purpose means for connecting a variety of different TCP/IP equipment to X.25 services. Similarly, the Gateway can also inter-connect existing legacy terminals attached to an X.25 network to Host systems with TCP/IP interfaces. An X.25 switch function is also included in the -2 and -4 models.

The product features support for generalised protocols when the X.25 Host system treats the incoming X.25 data as a character stream. It can also convert the data when a header is used to describe the message payload within the TCP connections and remove this header on the X.25 virtual circuits. Data types supported include: RFC1006, Cisco RBP and special character delimiting. Dynamic routing is supported where the Client TCP application determines the X.25 address and call parameters used at the time the connection is established. The Gateway can provide connectivity to several different Host systems at the same time with each can have different data conversion configurations.

The Gateway also supports X.25 Data Switching over TCP, this allows X.25 devices to be interconnected via an IP network without the layer 3 overheads associated with XOT.

Two or more Gateways can be used in a load balanced, resilient configuration that has no single point of failure.

Further information on the FarLinX TCP-X25 GP Gateway


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